Tax Credits: MCM Makes Tax Credits Easy To Capture

Leaving Money on the Table, or in the Bank?

Mckenzie Chase Management is the expert on helping your business capture valuable tax credits offered by the government.

To find out more about MCM’s tax credit services, or a particular credit you might claim for yourself, please click the PDF button next to the credit you are interested in.

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Work Opportunity Tax Credit (WOTC)

The Work Opportunity Tax Credit Program (WOTC) gives employers a federal income tax credit for employing personnel from specific target groups identified as having historically high unemployment rates by the federal government.

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Veteran Tax Credits

The “Vow to Hire Heroes Act” entitles employers to one of three different tax credits for hiring recently discharged Veterans: Disabled veterans, Unemployed Veterans or Veterans who are members of a family that received food stamps.

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SALT Credits

One of the ways states attract new employers, and encourage hiring within their state, is through tax incentive legislation. Those employment incentives should be a factor when your company is deciding where to re-locate.

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Long-Term TANF

The former “welfare-to-work” program is now a WOTC target group. This target group retains its former statutory definition and the more generous tax credit provisions for a tax credit of as much as $9,000 over a two-year period per new hire.

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Long Term Unemployed Credit (LTUN)

The Long Term Unemployed Tax Credit is an employment incentive that allows for-profit businesses to claim a substantial tax credit for putting new hires to work who were previously unemployed for more than 6 months.

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Indian Employment Credit

The Intent of the Indian Employment Credit is to provide qualified businesses with an incentive to hire certain individuals who live on or near an Indian reservation.

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EZ Zone

The Empowerment Zone tax incentives and Renewal Community tax incentives are worth aproximately $11 Billion to elegible businesses of all sizes located in to eligible businesses of all sizes located in Empowerment Zones and Renewal Communities.

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