Cutting Healthcare Costs with WOTC Screening

As a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) legislation, employers can face dramatically increased healthcare costs. To reduce the potential cost of healthcare for both employers and employees, the ACA includes a provision that allows low-income employees to qualify for free government healthcare coverage under Medicaid, giving the employer a waiver for each of these qualified employees. Employees can receive free health insurance without any co-pays or deductibles while saving employers money associated with coverage.

To help our clients reduce the cost of employee health insurance, we created a partnership agreement with BeneStream, the premier provider of Medicaid migration services. Through this partnership, we offer clients access to an ACA-compliant service that helps clients eliminate the cost of healthcare premiums for qualified employees, many of whom come from the same demographics as those eligible for WOTC.

Mckenzie Chase can screen and enroll your workforce and new hires for Medicaid eligibility at no additional cost. Clients using paper forms are invited to explore either of two options to evaluate their healthcare savings opportunities:

  • Transition to the MCM’s online system at no extra cost, adding online healthcare screening questions to online WOTC forms.
  • Request a free analysis of your potential savings, which will evaluate your current employees to estimate the potential for healthcare savings.

Clients using the online system can request that we add additional healthcare screening questions to their current online process.

When choosing a healthcare route, there are multiple pricing models to choose from, including a contingency fee option requiring clients to only pay for employees who rely on the free insurance.  The fee for this new insurance plan will only be a portion of the cost the insurance would have been otherwise. Evaluating your potential healthcare savings through MCM for free will give clients an estimate of how many of your employees are potentially qualified for this service, giving you an estimate of how financially beneficial it could be.

For more information about healthcare savings or this evaluation, call Mike Lancey at (206)547-8277.




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