FAQ – Payroll

How does it work? To begin the payroll process, we will consult with your IT department or payroll company to establish a file layout and protocol for each payroll period. Then we use your payroll data to determine whether your hires fulfill the necessary hourly work requirements that qualifies them for WOTC tax credits. We […]

FAQ – Online WOTC Screening

What are the benefits of using your online system? These are just a few benefits of switching to our online system: Provides one convenient location for all necessary forms, which are kept up-to-date. All submitted surveys provide a verification code, which can help you track which employees have completed the necessary forms. This online system […]

Mckenzie Chase’s Signature Recruiting and OnBoarding System Software: FastrackHR.com

Your third option for completing WOTC forms – after paper and WOTC Online – is MCM’s OnBoarding System. Branded FastrackHR.com MCM’s HR OnBoarding System makes hiring fast and enables accurate completion of Job Applications, I-9 forms, the W4, Labor Compliance policy forms and sign-offs, Employee handbooks, as well the state forms that you might require. Designed […]